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Boldly Go with Hollywood Food Coalition!

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Boldly Go with Hollywood Food Coalition, Trek Geeks, and Roddenberry Podcasts!

Hollywood Food Coalition began in 1987, with the simple mission to serve a meal every night of the year, with absolutely no barriers to service. For 34 years, without ever missing a night, our Community Dinner has done exactly that. We emphasize nutritionally-complete, restaurant-like meals, which we see as the first step in building trust with our nightly dinner guests. Whether it's immune-boosting citrus, vegetarian curry, or sustainably-raised striped bass, we strive to serve food that makes people feel physically and mentally well, brings joy, and lives up to the ideal of food as medicine.

Providing a great meal is the first step in building trust with our dinner guests. Because of our nightly meal, we interact with more unhoused community members on a daily basis than any other social service provider in the area, presenting an opportunity to connect them with other essential needs. HoFoCo's Community Wellness program provides warm clothing, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, hygiene items, backpacks, vitamins, solar-powered lanterns, gloves, shoes, and so much more. We strive to regularly update our offerings based on the season or weather, and the specific needs of our community at that point in time. In addition to providing essential items, our Community Wellness program also partners with nonprofits that regularly provide supportive services for our clients, such as housing, employment, and healthcare. This includes the UCLA Mobile Clinic Project, which has partnered with us since 2000 to provide free medical care weekly.

All of our food is rescued by our Community Exchange program, which has emerged since its inception in May 2020 as a leader in creating a collaborative food system. In addition to reducing food waste and contributing to the fight against climate change, the Exchange shares healthy food with over 110 nonprofit partners, including outreach teams, food pantries, grocery box distributors, community meal programs, recovery homes, community fridges, permanent supportive housing, drop-in centers, shelters and transitional housing, schools, clinics and senior living facilities.

Thank you so much for your support!